Snow, Snow, Snow

31 07 2010

Lovely installation by Japanese designer,Tokujin Yoshioka, called “The Snow.”  The installation is part of an exhibition, “Sensing Nature” that continues until 7 November at Mori Art Museum.  If you ever find yourself in Tokyo.  Mori is one of the best places to view modern art.  You can also take a lift up on to the roof top to experienced magnificent view of Tokyo from above.  One of my personal favorite museum to visit in Tokyo.  The installation reminds me of a giant snow globe.

I wish that I can see this installation in person.  The movement of feather as snow in the big clear tank would be delightful.  Perhaps I’ll still catch the show when I’m back in Japan during November.  Fingers crossed.  All images via Dezeen and Mori Art Museum.

I should go to bed now.  I’m way too excited for our studio shoot tomorrow.  Can’t wait to work with our team and our IDOM girls again.  Promise to take some behind the scene pics tomorrow.  Many thanks to Velia for holding down the fort on Saturday.  Please visit her and check out wonderful new items.  Happy weekend everyone!

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