More behind the scene

10 08 2010

We are very excited and proud to have Caitlin’s senior collection on our shoot.  Elizabeth and our team were very kind to shoot Caitlin’s collection.  I can’t wait to see her finish images.  Her pieces are chic and fantastic.

Our Caitlin steaming her pieces away.

Caitlin, Elizabeth, Katie and Zoe are hard at work.

We all loved her new collection.  Zoe looks amazing in Caitlin’s exquisite pieces.

Bravo to Caitlin!

More IDOM A/W 10 pieces.  Beautiful Ruth!

Amazing Maria + gorgeous Evangelina

Lovely Zoe!

Iris + Maria

Maria + Iris

Brilliant Iris

Many thanks to Elizabeth, Katie, Maria, Nick, Evangelina, Caitlin, Ruth, Jennifer, Zoe and Iris.  And of course big thanks to our fashion assistants Tilly Bird and little Cooper.  You guys are incredible!  Thank you.  Until next time.  Enjoy your week everyone.

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