Little Drifters

11 08 2010

Hope you will enjoy some lovely pics of little drifters via Vancouver BC.  I find them to be so charming and calm.  They held a community event at the end of July to let the boats swim around in Trout Lake.  My next S/S 11 inspired by sailboats.  I am also inspired by 2 architects that their work reminded me of sailboats.  B and I love to sail.  It has been something that we truly enjoyed doing together.  Peaceful, exploratory, adventurous, and much fun.  It always feel as if I’m the first to discovered that little island or hang out with the sweet cluster of beautiful fish.

You can check out more handmade boats on Lenny’s blog and Vancouver Sun.

Have a brilliant week!

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4 responses

11 08 2010

I adore these! So excited that you’ll have boat inspired pieces coming up, you know I have soft spot for anything water/boat related!

15 08 2010

hi maura, i hope that you will have a boat building party for your birthday.

12 08 2010

so coool!! this park is close to my house!

15 08 2010

really? the park looks beautiful. hope you are doing great, anita. thank you for your comment.

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