3 is a lucky number!

13 08 2010

IDOM is turning 3 this month.  Please help us celebrate the little label’s birthday this Saturday 14th August from 5-8 pm with champagne and sweet treats from Two Tarts.

Speaking of birthdays.  August is a special month for us.  Many of our friends and family are celebrating their birthdays.  Happy birthday to my sweet dear friend Miles today.  He is such an amazing person, fantastic IDOM “art director” and a wonderful partner to our Evangelina in the middle.  Of course IDOM CEO is my mother aka fashion guru who just had her birthday on the 5th.

Happy August Birthday to our beautiful Maura.  A true friend who let us shot her for our under water series via the Ocean life Collection.  The best IDOM girl ever!

And happy birthday to sweet lovely little Gemma who is turning one this month.  She inspired all of us that even with a challenging start in life.  You can be a warrior and over come any battles.  She is my little hero!  Her papa Marc and mama Nicole have always been such great friends and amazing IDOM supporters.

August already has been a month of joy and also sadness.  Thinking of L and his family.  I hope that even with passing of someone you loved.  There is some happiness and peace waiting for them on the other side of life.

Thank you to all of my incredible dear friends, my loving partner B and my amazing parents for their love and support and for having faith in a little label that could.  IDOM would not be turning 3 without all of you.  Hope to see everyone on Saturday.  Thanks very much again.

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13 08 2010

A very, very happy 3rd birthday to Idom, my favorite store in the world! What a fantastic accomplishment, it’s been so fun to watch each season come out. Best wishes to Idom for many, many wonderful years to come!

13 08 2010

you are so good to us, maura! would not be tuning 3 without you and our little village. thank you for the fantastic wishes! hooray to little idom!

13 08 2010
Miles Johnson

Thank you so much Modi! That’s so nice of you. And happy birthday to your mother too!

13 08 2010

happy birthday, miles! mum said thank you! just talked to her. you guys are good leo people.

13 08 2010

Happy 3rd birthday!!! We love you!!!

13 08 2010

nic you are so nice. thank you!! we love you too!!

13 08 2010

Hi Modi! I’m popping in to wish you and Idom a very happy 3rd Anniversary!
I know there will be many more to come!!
I hope to see you this winter when we come to sample Portland’s wintery landscape.
Big hugs to you,
(Miles’ mom)

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