Fantastic Dresses

26 08 2010

It is exciting that we finally received more dresses today.  The production run has been effected by the riot in Bangkok.  Everyone had a hard time getting any work done when the city was on fire.  We are grateful that our team of sewers, friends and family are okay.  It will take time for the city to recovered.  Anyhow the lovely dresses finally made it to the states.  Hope you will enjoy them.

Adoration, $232.00.

Rite of Spring, $284.00.

Eyes of the Goddess, $342.

Song Skirt, $184.00.  These skirts also come in black.

Tangled Night, $342.

I’m off on a holiday with my parents and B.  We all needed some actual relaxing time.  B and I haven’t traveled or have real time off together for over 3 years.  It is a small sacrificed carving your own path.  We can’t wait to explore Montana.  My dear friend/amazing business partner Evangelina will be blogging while I’m on the little adventure.  Can’t wait to have her on the blog.  Wishing you a brilliant almost weekend!

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