melissa + campana

31 08 2010

Melissa ad campaign image courtesy of melissaplasticdreams

There are many reasons to love Melissa shoes. Would you like me to list a few? How about this Brazilian based company recycles 99.9% of factory water and waste. They also recycle overstock styles into the next season’s collection.  Their patented MEFLEX plastic is hypo-allergenic and extremely flexible. The “flocked” shoe style gives an appearance and feel of velvet but you can get the shoes wet and not have to worry about them getting ruined, they are waterproof. Perfect for our NW weather! That all being said we are huge fans here at Idom not only for their better business practices but for the artistry and imagery that they consistently create. Go to and check out their campaigns or flip through their online magazine to see just how fashion forward this company is.

We have three new styles of Zig Zags in the store.  Silver, gold,and a flocked olive/grey.  They are dreamy to look at here at the shop but Im sure that these shoes would be  lot happier on your feet!

Enjoy your day.

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