Leather, Textile, and Heart

9 09 2010

I took couple classes in hand bag making and shoe making in France when I was an exchange student.  It gave me a whole new insight of how difficult to make one pair of shoes or one wallet.  I haven’t played around with leather for a while.  Thought that it was time to work with different material.  Here are my new IDOM leather handbags.

I tried to carry smaller bag.  Unfortunately I’m a tote girl.  I often have sketch books, bills, food, magazines and everything else in my bag.  I surrendered to the fact that I’ll always be a pack rat.  Here is a perfect version of the tote.  I called it Everything Bag, $345.

Half moon handbag, $324.

Everywhere Olive Tote, $348.

I’m so happy to have the wider weaved hand loomed scarves back in the shop.  They are works of art.  Made by Thai cotton loomers in Northern region.  They are also naturally dyed by native plants.  $32 for each piece.

Printed hand loomed cotton scarves, $32 each piece.  Also from Northern region.

The heart shape vases are back.  They are designed by my friend Vichai.  We met at school in London.  He moved back to Bangkok.  He is now taking more interest in industrial and product design rather fashion.  These heart shape pieces are the last batch.  No more these lovelies after this run.  He and I have similar bad habit.  We get tired of reproducing the same thing over and over.  We often are on to something else after few months.  They are $36 each.

Heading off to work today.  Please stop by and say hello.  Many more amazing treasures in the shop.  Happy Thursday!

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