Bright colour under gray sky

16 09 2010

I’m truly enjoying time with my mother.  My father left last week.  Someone got to work, right?  Mum and I just got back from the beach.  It is funny to see her wrapped up in so many layered of clothes.  A very different experience than our beach excursion in Thailand.  I left home when I was 12 to study in the west.  I have been living literally on my own ever since.  I only see my parents twice  a year since we lived half world away.  When we get together.  We tried to packed our fun time in as much as we can.  Although sometime they think I’m still 12.  We got so much rain at the beach yesterday.  A bit depressing.  Here is my mother suggestion for dealing with the rain and the gray sky,  “why don’t you wear brighter colour clothes?”

The two dresses above are not exactly bright.  I can’t help it.  I adore black and cream as well.  Come visit today.  I’m back at work.

Wishing you a lovely Thursday.

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2 responses

16 09 2010

I will be in to see all of your new lovelies today – especially your new taupe jacket! *a

16 09 2010

looking forward to see you today. thank you so much for helping us out tomorrow. evangelina and i are so excited to go to caitlin’s graduation. you are the best! thank you.

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