Secret Wish

19 10 2010

B and I are hoping that we could redo the upstairs of our place soon.  It is an unfinished space with bathroom potential.  We love doing projects, space planning, and etc…  Well at least we think that we are handy people.  We shall see…  My big request is a closet that will allowed me to archived my collection pieces, vintage finds, my own clothes and of course shoes.  I mean my own shoes and shoes that I bought for inspiration.  They are often for reference of shapes, stitching, colours, and leather textures.  I’m a pack rat by nature.  Always have a hard time finding places for everything that I collected over the years of traveling and designing.  Everything and anything can have such powerful visual influence.  Since I stay away from fashion magazines and blogs.  This is my way of staying true to my own vision.  Treasures, objects, and art are such great way to allowed myself to dream.  Here is what I’m dreaming about.

It is a lovely sunny autumn day in Portland.  Enjoy the beautiful weather everyone.

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