Pom Poms

1 11 2010

I’m adoring these darling paper pom poms.  Thinking of making them for our next window.  I would love them for the interior of the shop as well.  I think I’m craving bright colours and things that are hung from ceilings.  I guess some sort of interesting texture in the gray rainy northwest would help my psyche.  Plus I loved folding flowers, birds, bugs and etc when I was young.  This would be a perfect way for me to play with paper again.

They would be great for anywhere nursery, bedroom and party.  You can follow direction with me via Martha Stewart Living’s website.

Enjoy your Monday!

P.S.  Thanks everyone for asking me of how the chocolate cake and cheese cake turned out.  The chocolate one tasted brilliant, but it looked very sad.  Got to practice more on that recipe.  The cheese cake turned out so yummy and pretty.  However, I failed to read the instruction that the cake had to be chilled in the fridge over night.  Oppss!  B didn’t get his birthday cake until the next morning.  Oh, well nothing is perfect in life.  At least it turned out great.  Promise to share the recipe with you soon.

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