Kitty Kitty

2 11 2010

I am crazy for our first born kitty, Stares At Trees.  B and I think she is so smart and so cute.  I guess we are like any parents who think that their kids are the best thing ever.  In honour of our first born kitty.  We are reserving the cat calender from United Bamboo.  I adore human clothes from United Bamboo.  However, the kitty versions are so adorable as well.  Okay, okay so I’m a cat lady.  Hey, at least the clothes are quite chic.  Plus the kitties are looking amazing.

You can reserved the 2011 calender via United Bamboo site here.

Below are pics from this year 2010 calender.  How can you not love these fancy felines?

All photos courtesy of United Bamboo.

Below are behind the scenes pics for 2011 calender from this year shoot via

Our SAT cat would look great in any of these outfits.  Perhaps IDOM kitty pieces?

All photos courtesy of  You can read more on behind the scene shoot via

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2 responses

3 11 2010

The rack of tiny kitty clothes is hilarious, love it!

3 11 2010

they are funny! i love kitty sketches along with fabric swatches. so serious!

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