Wishing you love

1 12 2010

We were all shock to find out that my papa’s younger sister has only few weeks to live.  The whole thing happens out of nowhere.  I guess it is true that life is so fragile and precious.  She finally flew away today.  I’m so sad for my father and his family.  All I can say to him was that she is free now.  She is no longer in pain.  The suffering has ended.  I’m thinking of my auntie and sending her and my family lots of love and light.

I got her a little plant today.  I’ll spend  today finishing my patterns.  It is always such a nice meditation to work on patterning and sewing.  Little things in life makes me happy.  Reminding myself that every moment counts.  See you later auntie.





2 responses

1 12 2010

I’m so sorry for your loss, Modi. I’m glad she is no longer suffering, but sad that she had to go. Hope you find some peace in your art today. Much love. xo

2 12 2010

thank you so much maura for you kindness. it is so sad that she had to leave so soon. i hope that wherever she maybe. she is happy and free. thank you again.
lots of love,

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