A “Devine” Holiday Window

7 12 2010

Miles and I had a great time putting together this years holiday window. All it took was some old lumber, a saw, a bit of carpentry (provided by Papa Owens), a couple cans of spray paint, a branch, and some tissue paper.  Whoa. But, the most important pieces needed to make this window happen was the arrival of the new Idom A/W collection and a special treat from London via Tatty Devine! A giant dinosaur! Of course we had to find a way to feature both a new Idom dress and Tatty Devine in our holiday window! Take a look, we hope you like it!

Hanging from our Holiday branch are some new accessories we have for the Holidays.

New Cluster Earrings – Tatty Devine

Sweet Black Bow Necklace – Tatty Devine

The perfect small gift. The modern and awesomely packaged,  Eraser+ring from Japan.  Comes in Pink, Blue, Yellow, and White.

Lots of new items in the shop come by and say hi!

Thank you Tatty Devine for sending us such an amazing pieces for our window! You are amazing! Have a great week everyone!

Modi, Evangelina, Caitlin, Velia, Miles, + Lindsay.

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