Friday Inspiration

10 12 2010

Thinking of my grannie on her birthday.  She was the one who took care of me when I was little.  Grannie was an orphan by the time she turned four.  Couple of her sisters and relatives raised her the best way that they could.  Her life was filled with struggle, poverty, and lost.  But, somehow she found the joy of learning to be an outlet in her life.  She was also a single mother raising two children by herself in Thailand.  Grannie was an amazing math teacher, a writer, a musician, and a divine cook.  A feminist in her own right.  I spend most of my childhood in her outdoor kitchen learning how to cook.  She taught me how to read and understand simple math concept by the time I was two.  She was such a chic woman as well.  Always sketching her own garments for our neighbor tailor to make her beautiful dresses.  We lost her six years ago.  Somehow it feels as if she is still with us everyday.  Happy birthday grannie.  You will always be my inspiration.

Also sending our dear friend Angie birthday wishes to her in Kolding, Denmark.  Happy birthday A!

Many thanks to Marjorie via Portland Mercury for her post of IDOM A/W 10 new pieces.

Please click here to read Marjorie’s post.

Have a wonderful Friday everyone.




One response

12 12 2010

Oh my! what a sweet surprise! Thank you very, very much! Here’s to your beautiful Grandmother. sending you lots of love dear friend. *a

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