Delightful Treats

12 12 2010

Evangelina found us cool modern gifts for this holiday season.  Please take a look.

The Nonlife Zoo key chain.  Carry these adorable looking key chains everywhere you go to raise awareness of the Nonlife Zoo movement. It also includes eco bags inside each key chain, which are stored inside with a zipper on the back. Each bag has original graphics reflecting their struggles in its habitat. Individually hand-made.

A stylish and modern bag that resembles the traditional kraft paper envelope with a button and tie gummed flap. Perfect size to fit an iPad and all the little gadgets that we can’t live without these days. This envelope bag can be used to hold under your arm as you would a paper one, or simply attach the adjustable strap to hang it over your shoulder or cross your body for everyday use.
A drop of water can turn into a flood on this micro-city coaster. Here, the city of Taipei, Taiwan is re-sized into a cup pad.
Condensation from the cup can slowly flood the city especially during hot summer seasons.  The water will first fill up the river and slowly work its way into the narrower streets and alleys. Enjoy the view from above as it also reminds us of the importance of water resource.  Available in black and clear colours. Comes in a set of 2.
Eraser+ing Eraser.  Erasers in the shape of a diamond ring!  For those who dreamed of becoming a diamond cutter, here is your first crack at a chance to create your own multi-faceted ring…eraser.  Colourful and playful erasers for those looking for a little fun at school or at work.  Available in 5 colours pink, yellow, blue, green, and white.   Each inside a cute capsule packaging and has its own mild fruity scent!  (Has been tested for child safe.)
We have many more amazing modern gifts.  Please swing by and explore our shop for your new treasures.



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