20 12 2010

Thanks very much lovelies for your sweet comments.  I know sometime I posted bits that are not fashion or shop related.  Trying not to bum you guys out too much.  Someone told me couple times that this blog supposed to be about fantasy and shopping.  I feel that it is necessary to share some common life struggle with you lovelies out there.  Each of us have our own challenges in our lives.  We all feel the same pain, sadness, and hurt.  At the same time we all know what happiness and love feels like.  It is my hope that this blog will provide you with inspiration for art, design, travel, fashion, and life.  Sharing with you little glimpse of our lives at IDOM.   This blog is a safe haven for us to be honest, real, and hopeful.  Thanks again for taking time to read our blog.  Here is to new jewels for your new year!  Gorgeous pieces from Erica Weiner via New York found by Evangelina.  Cheers everyone!

1/2″ brass lightweight beetle charms hang from 14K gold plated ear hooks. These lifelike little bugs are surprisingly detailed.

These modern, minimal little ginkgo leaves come from Japan. They’re made of brass mesh and feature embossed geometric leaf markings. A delicate brass frame surrounds each 1 1/4″ leaf. Earwires are plated in 14k gold.

Old Style Beer, if I’m not mistaken, is the Pabst Blue Ribbon of the Midwest, so it’s a miracle that these antique enamel beer logos found their way to the Lower East Side. Their original purpose is unknown, but their tiny (5/8″ tall, 3/8″ wide) size and great graphic colors make them perfect earrings for wearing when your boyfriend is forcing you to watch the NFL draft picks. Posts and earring backs are 14K gold-filled.

These limited-edition refurbished vintage earrings are domed, faceted teardrop shapes. They’re lightweight but over-sized, measuring about 1 1/4″ long from top to bottom.

Get nervous on flights? Found these vintage religious medallions, which claim to protect air travelers. The front of each 3/4″ circle has an image of an airplane surrounded by the words “Patroness of Aviators and Air Travelers”. The reverse side features a severe-looking lady by the name of “Our Lady of Loreto”. Underneath her visage are the words “Protect My Flight”.

Two knotted wire rings – one plated in yellow gold, one in rose gold – nestle together on your finger. They’re sold as a pair, but you can wear them separately if you like.

A cleaned real canine tooth (actually from a coyote) hangs next to a ferocious, snarling brass wolf charm. Chain is a chunky reddish-colored brass, and measures about 22″. Teeth are as unique as the animals that they come from, and they range from 3/4″ to 1 1/4″ long. A brass spring ring clasp secures necklace at back. No animals were harmed in the harvesting of these teeth, and these necklaces are flattering on both men and women.

These totally radical matte brass earrings are 1 1/4″ long and were probably manufactured in the 1980’s.

Traditionally, milagros (also known as ex-votos or dijes) are offered to a favorite saint as a reminder of the petitioner’s particular need, or they are offered to the saint in thanks for a prayer answered. These hearts were hand-cast, probably in South America, with the intention of healing the broken-hearted. Found them in a local Botanica and plated them in 14K gold to make them a little more precious. Each heart is slightly different and may feature a dagger through it, a crown of thorns, a flaming background, or detailed valves and chambers.

A mottled brown, black, and white 2″-long feather dangles from a brass mount next to a delicately pressed mesh ginkgo leaf charm. Brass chain is 22″ long and secures in back with a brass spring ring.

Hope to see you at the shop soon.  Enjoy your Monday!






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