Melissa Plastic Dreams

5 01 2011

We are so excited to get the new Melissa shoes.  They are amazing!

Brazilian-made Melissa shoes are modern and fashionable. Even better, the socially responsible company employs sustainable practices and pays employees above-average wages and benefits. The shoes themselves are made from recycled materials — even last year’s leftover shoes. The factory recycles 99.9 percent of waste and water used in production.

At the factory, big balls of plastic are formed into flats, wedges and low heels, and interestingly enough, the shoes all smell like tutti-frutti.

Whether you purchase a pair of Melissa shoes because you’re green, a vegetarian or just like the chic element, you’ll be keeping plastic out of landfills. And making a fashion statement at the same time.  Plus they are water proofed.  Perfect for the Portland rainy weather.

The newest member to the Melissa family. These heels are extremely comfortable all while being extremely stylish. They mold to your feet after just a few wears, are totally waterproof, and can be easily cleaned with soap and water.

Collaboration between Alexandre Herchcovitch fashion designer and Melissa.  Herchcovitch thinks as Melissa thinks: FASHION is FUN, CLOTHES COMMUNICATE and DESIGN is all about STYLE.

During his career Herchcovitch has presented his fashion collections at Sao Paulo, London, Paris and New York Fashion Weeks and has a retail store in Tokoyo. Selected products of his are sold in the USA, Canada, France, Spain and Australia.
Herchcovitch’s collaboration with melissa began in 2002 and since then he has created two or more styles for melissa every year. The models created by Herchcovitch are now the most cherished fashion icons on the cosmopolitan circuit. Working on a simple concept – to seek fun – the designer has combined plastic with style and started a new chapter in design.

Melissa takes its traditional Ultragirl style to the next level with the Meia. Clear plastic shoe with leopard fabric lining. Same Melflex plastic. Same incredible comfort.

More pics tomorrow.  Stop by and try on these incredible shoes.  Ta, ta.





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