Friday Inspiration

7 01 2011

I’m a big fan of Tim Walker.  I first fall in love with his images from British Vogue.  From then on I kept looking for more of his work.  I just can’t quite get enough of them.  I truly love his vision, sensibility and great imagination.  His work is purely exquisite.  I just want to crawl into the photographs and happily live in the childhood fantasy.

Tim Walker, the Peter Pan of  British photography, creates images that can be seen only with our inner child’s eyes. He evokes long-forgotten memories, invites us to the other side of the mirror. Surreal or magic realism?

It’s not only the whimsical beauty that makes his narrative photo-stories unforgettable: they are created with true love, based on collective unconscious archetypes and cultural symbols, easily-read, mysteriously touching.  And so alive!

Picking apples in the orchard, catching butterflies, climbing the trees and turning into a fairy. Lead soldier wars and dreams of flying… Going home for dinner straight from your freshly-build castle or another exciting overseas cruise… As we grow up, our childhood becomes imaginary kingdom. Imaginary – for most of us, but for some – more real than reality.  He reminds us to keep dreaming.

Walker’s photographs were published in numerous magazines (Vogue,Vanity Fair etc.) There are exhibitions of his work at The National Portrait Gallery, The Design Museum and The Victoria & Albert Museum.  His first book, “Pictures” was published in spring 2008.  He lives and works in London.  All photos courtesy of Tim Walker.  Check out his beautiful work here.





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