Interior Trend

10 01 2011

I avoid fashion blogs and magazines while I’m trying to start a new collection.  I’m addicted to architecture and interior blogs.  They inspired me to play more with structure and texture.  I have been seeing this big trend in home interior of using wood in so many directions.  I think when things are hard.   After all we are in the middle of global economy crises.  People tend to stay home and be cozy.  Plus it I think that there is this collective consciousness of returning to work with natural material.  I predict the similar trend for clothes as well.  More cocoon like sweaters and relaxed silhouette.  Playing a lot more with organic shapes and using muted tones with little splash of colours.  We shall see if I’m a fashion psychic.

Stop by and say hello to us soon.  Lots more new shoes, clothes, and jewels.  Enjoy your Monday everyone.




2 responses

10 01 2011

Everything here makes my house look so, not designed 🙂

11 01 2011

I’m loving the wood trend, too, so beautiful and organic. Can’t wait to see how it shows up in your creations! xo

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