Another day at the office

13 01 2011

Locking myself in the room and working on new samples for A/W11 and S/S12.  I’m inspired to work on 2 collections at the same time.  My new experiment.  We shall see if by the end I would go mad.

Playing with folding and pleating.

Holiday present from the best parents ever.  Loads of new hand woven fabric.  Fun!

SAT Cat is keeping me company.  She is a great fashion art director.  Stares At Trees always has to approved my fabric choices.

Someone also loves IDOM too.  My dear friend Maura’s kitty Sailor adores the orange IDOM wrapping tissue.

Off to play with more fabric.  Wishing you a lovely week.

P.S.  New box just arrived from Bangkok yesterday.  Beautiful new dresses.  Visit our Evangelina today.  Hope to see you soon.





2 responses

13 01 2011

I’m so excited that you’re in creative mode! Looks beautiful and promising. So glad Stares is keeping you company. And what a fun surprise to see my naughty boy here! He really does adore that paper (and Idom!), endless fun for days. I’m still finding orange pieces hiding in random corners of the house! xoxo

14 01 2011

love seeing what’s inspiring you and the new fabrics you’re working with. wish i was there to see it all in person. xx*a

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