Fantastic belts and cuffs

18 01 2011

New pieces designed and handmade by Kim Seltzer are in the shop now.  The leather belts and cuffs are all made here in Portland.

The unofficial motto of all children of the military – Kim’s childhood was spent traveling the world as an Army brat.  Her wild art school days were played out in San Francisco, California and her formative years as an actual artist were in New York City.   A few years ago she decided it was time to come back west – where her heart was all along.

As an aspiring punk rocker in San Francisco she created posters and slide shows for the legendary Toiling Midgets. She moved to Manhattan at the suggestion of the notorious Adam Parfrey (Feral House) to illustrate for Exit Magazine. There she became life long pals with the even more notorious George Petros (Seconds, Juxtapoz). To this day, she and George are still on speaking terms.

Kim loves any kind of technical or artistic challenge.  She now lives and works in Southeast Portland, Oregon and drives an Z28.

Her studio is a hive of activity. When not glued to her computer she creates belts for Leadville and Neo-Romantic Visionary paintings.

Caitlin is hard at work putting these new pieces on our online shop.  If you are not in Portland.  We will have the new belts and leather cuffs up soon.  Otherwise we have the new beauties at our brick and mortar space.  Visit us and check them out.




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