Meet my village

15 03 2011

I finally have enough courage to ask my team of contractors for their photos.  They usually are shy and private.  Most of the time they would feel uncomfortable of me taking any images while they are sewing and working hard.  They allowed me to snap few pics of themselves and their lovely children.  Plus I always feel awkward to put my village on display as if I’m helping them or saving them or something.  It is another way around.   They are creating amazing technically challenging pieces for me all year round.  I’m the one who they are saving.  I would just like to share with you faces behind IDOM garments.  This business method of working from home gives the contractors flexible schedule to be with their family and to be paid as they deserved.  After all they are amazing genius.

Meet “Nong Ton Mai”.  “Nong” translated as the term of endearing in Thai for someone who is younger, like a little brother.  His name Ton Mai translated as a Little Tree.  He loves eating pineapple cookies next to his mother sewing machine.  I’m convinced that he is going to be an amazing designer one day.  He is sweet and brilliant.  His latest comment was that “I really hope I get new teeth soon.  This toothless thing is getting to be a bit ridiculous.”

“Nong Prang” is a very introspective little girl.  She observes everyone around her quietly.  She enjoys drawing her cartoons and loves to eat any kind of ice cream especially coconut and sweet red beans flavour.  She adores kitties and dogs.  Nong Prang would like to become a doctor one day.  Her father is a talented contractor and pattern maker.

“Nong Som” the meaning behind her name is orange as a fruit.  She just learned how to ride her bike and how to make her first skirt.  Little orange usually hangs out with her grandmother after school.  Her grandmother’s family has been dressmakers for generations.  Nong Som’s grandmother, Yai Da is one of the best contractors that I’m working with.  She is patience with me and my crazy designs.  Most often one IDOM collection dress will support a family of four people for at least 3 weeks.  I’m so lucky to be working with fantastic group of people.

Wishing you a sweet Tuesday.




8 responses

15 03 2011
Tracy Zhang

cute group of helpers! Thank you for showing us glimpses of their lives.

16 03 2011

Such beautiful people. So wonderful to make the connection. Thanks to them for opening their lives and for you for sharing.

16 03 2011

What beautiful portraits! Thank you for sharing your photos and your words.

16 03 2011

Thank you very much everyone for your kind comments. It means the world to me. Thank you again!

16 03 2011

Modi, It’s so wonderful to see all of the beautiful faces that make up your Thailand Idom family. I can feel your love and deep respect for them. You are such a champion of honorable design. I know you loose months of sleep making sure you are designing the highest quality product with the highest level of ethics. Your energy and commitment are inspiring and I can’t wait to get back to Portland to see you and the new brilliant pieces you and your family have created. I wear my Idom clothes proudly in Denmark. Often other students stop me to ask about my handwoven skirt, dress or blouse and I’m always happy to reply, “My incredibly talented friend designed it! Isn’t it fantastic?”

17 03 2011

angie, thank you so much for your kind words. it means the world to me. i’m so happy you are enjoying your pieces in denmark. can’t wait to catch up this summer. your thesis is looking beautiful. bravo! looking forward to see you soon.

17 03 2011

enlightening! love this post…

22 03 2011

ahh! such sweet little faces! i love how your business is such a family business!

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