Meet the Beautiful People

16 03 2011

I’m eternally grateful for such amazing team of talented contractors behind IDOM label.  These are some of the beautiful faces that are constructing your clothes.  Their skills and their dedication is beyond my comprehension.  Perhaps when you see that there are stories behind each piece.   You might love your garments even more.  Each piece could take about 3-4 months for me to sketch, drape and sew the samples.  Then the actual pieces could take 2 days to a week or more to make depending on the style and its complication.  As I mentioned before we pay each contractor $11 per hour.  It takes blood, sweat, and tears to make one piece of garment.  I hope this post will give you some connection to the beautiful people who made your lovely clothes.

Pee Aoy is a brilliant draper and sample maker.  “Pee” is a word of endearment and respect to called someone more mature as older sister or brother.  Pee Aoy is a mother of Nong Ton Mai (aka the toothless cutie pie from the last post).  She always has this saying that if you can dream it,  you can sew it.  She is my rock!  I can’t do any of this without her expertise.  Plus she tells it like it is.

Pee Si is our production manager.  She distributes work to other contractors and makes sure that all the pieces are done correctly with high quality.  She is such a kind sweet person.  Pee Si used to work at a factory that made Portland based athletic wear.  The hours were too long and the pay was so low at that time.  She had to sale deserts on the weekend to make the extra income.  She used to work 7 days a week to support 6 people in her family.  Her mother, father, grandmother, and 2 sisters lives with her.  She is one of the best people that I ever met.

Adore this machine!

Lung Dang has the best sense of humour and outlook on life.  “Lung” translated as an older uncle.  He also used to work in a factory with long hours.  He kept saying that he is so much happier working as a freelance contractor at home.  He learned how to sew from his grandmother and loved it since he was a child. Lung Dang was hoping that one of his children would learn this dying art.  Perhaps someday…  In the mean time he enjoys making clothes and takes pride in his work.

Yai Da is Nong Som’s grandmother from the last post.  The word of “Yai” translated as a grandmother on the mother’s side.  It is how we called our elderly respectfully.  Ya Da also takes care of Nong Som when she is not in school.  She is hoping that she can save some money toward Nong Som’s collage education.  Nong Som’s father works in Saudi Arabia as a construction worker and tries to send money home.  Nong Som’s mother and she lives with Ya Da.  Her mother works all the time as a cleaning person in a fancy hotel.  The grandmother and granddaughter are 2 peas in the pod.

Pa Juan is so lovely, generous and thoughtful. She knows of how much I love and miss tropical fruits.  She always brings me some kind of fruits like mangostens, rambutans, mango, or durian.  Whatever fruits in season Pa Juan would kindly find them for me.  “Pa” means older auntie in Thai.  She sadly lost her husband few years ago to cancer.  She and her late husband has two children.  Pa Juan is putting both of her daughters through university with variety of production work from different labels.  I adore her so much.

I am so thankful and appreciative that the beautiful people of IDOM allowed me to take some of their photos.  I hope that this post allows you to make the connection of where all the pieces come from and who lovingly made them.  It literally takes a village to make this label grows and moves forward.  Thanks very much everyone.





5 responses

16 03 2011
andrea gorman


I love this post! It is so great to see the faces behind the beautiful clothes after all of these years. Amazing.

I’m on vacation from school next week, so I’m going to try to make it over to NW for a visit. Which days are you in the shop?

See you soon!

16 03 2011

hi andrea,
hope this finds you well. it is hard to ask the lovely team for their pics. everyone is so camera shy. i should know because i’m exactly the same way. it took almost 4 years for everyone to feel comfortable enough to allow me to snap some pics.
i’m at the shop this thursday and friday and everyday next week.
see you soon,

18 03 2011

Thank you so much for the beautiful introductions! How wonderful to see the people making your wonderful designs.

22 03 2011

i love, love seeing the pictures of the beautiful people in your life and in your shop! they all look so content and proud. it’s really beautiful the way that they’ve become incorporated into your business and they way you’ve helped their families. xoxo

3 04 2011

What wonderful posts! I am so glad to know more of your line’s story. And what beautiful images you’ve captured.

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