Happy Aries!

28 03 2011

Happy Birthday to Caitlin and baby Charlotte today!  Wishing both of you a beautiful one.

We love you C!

Happy 2nd birthday, baby c!  You are the best mini IDOM girl.

I’m amazed of how baby C can sit just like a true Thai person!  Happy birthday C&C.  We adore you both.

Wishing all of my dear Aries, Sarah, Mary, Jennifer, Emily, and Fuchsia a very happy birthday.  Special birthday wish to my beloved Pratape the amazing Thai princess who does so much work for our country and to my uncle who believes in serving people who are in need.  Wishing you a safe Doctors without Border assignment in Japan.  Happy belated birthday to Evangelina and my sweet father.  All of you are truly amazing individuals.  You bring so much love and joy into this world.  Happy birthday!





2 responses

28 03 2011

And include yourself in the mix, Modi! You’re another fantastic Aries! 🙂 xo

28 03 2011

thank you so much, maura! hope your dad had a wonderful birthday.

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