Behind the Scenes via A/W11

5 04 2011

The collection was inspired by the English Renaissance period from literature to art and to its garments.  The Elizabethan era has been such a fascination to me since I started to study art history.  This period brought so much cultural richness to the rest of the world.  Our team was back together again for the A/W 11 shoot.  Elizabeth and Katie found us this amazing space at the Old Church via downtown Portland.  It was perfect for the Elizabethan inspired concept.

As always Katie and I had a blast running around looking for props.  These butterflies are just devine.

Evangelina gave us these amazing peacock feathers.  I traded IDOM pieces for the gorgeous hats designed and made by Lisa Shaub from New York.  The hats were brilliant with so many looks.

Katie and I wanted giant pearl necklace.  So of course we stayed up way too late the night before the shoot spraying these plastic balls in my garage.  B gave us a smile and said have fun.  He should be used to our craziness by now.

Our exquisite Iris.

Beautiful Ava.

More behind the scenes tomorrow.  Many thanks to the talented Elizabeth Russell-Baumgartner for shooting our collection.  It is such a pleasure to have everyone back together again.  Our incredible stylist and my partner in crime Katie Barton.  Amazing Susan Bogdan with her beautiful imaginative hair styles.  We were so in awe with her talent.  Thanks to Stephanie Fajardo for joining us for make up.  As always it is such a joy to be working with Iris.  She knows the IDOM pieces so well.  We welcomed Ava to our adventure.  She was a pleasure to work with.  Thank you so much everyone!  You made me happy as a clam.




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