Friday Inspiration

8 04 2011

B and I have been dreaming of traveling somewhere that we both have not visited.   We always said that we are not wedding people and if we made it to 10 years.  We would take an amazing trip for our anniversary.  We both drive broken down old cars and work hard to live our lives simply and authentically.  We would rather travel and experience life than having loads of stuff.  Well, our 10 years is coming up.  Here is my vote for our dream adventure.

Serengeti Under Canvas, run by renowned &Beyond, is a luxurious tented camp within the Sergenti National Park. The annual movement of 1.5 million wildebeest across the Serengeti-Mara ecosystem is one of the greatest spectacles in the natural world and the camp moves around the park year round, following the Great Migration.

This is definitely going on out bucket list . . .

We are excited and happy to welcome Velia and Katherine to our little IDOM family.  Please come by and say hello to Katherine today and Saturday and Velia next week.  E and I are thrilled to have creative individuals to collaborate with us.  We are so delighted to have you both.  Hooray!




2 responses

9 04 2011

Funny this sounds like the perfect trip too. Most of my friends would dream of a city like Paris or a resort in Mexico….

13 04 2011

Almost 10 years, congratulations! That looks like an amazing trip to celebrate. xo

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