Weekend Inspiration

10 04 2011

It is one of the unpleasant reality of being a self employed person in this challenging economy.  We have to get another jobs to keep our little shop going.  I’m doing some freelance work designing the most boring garments ever.  Plus I have been interviewing for window dressing positions at various big box stores.  The ugly truth of the pay rate in Portland is beyond my imagination at this point.  A total wake up call for someone who used to be paid fairly well for what she does in the creative industry.  To cheer myself up.  I am sketching and draping my own collection for S/S 12 like a crazy person.  I think to remind myself that I don’t have to entirely sale my soul to the devil, only a part of it.  I found my old tear sheets from Vogue Italia of June 2000 shot by Steven Meisel and styled by Lori Goldstein.  It’s hard to believe that it was shot almost 11 years ago as it feels so current with the colours, floral prints, head wraps, and long length.  The set design is to die for…  This editorial gives me inspiration to keep designing for my tiny label that could.

Hope these beautiful vibrant colours is making your weekend brighter.  Please say hello to Evangelina today.  Lots more new treasures to be discovered in our shop.  Wishing you a happy Sunday!



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