New beauties at Covet!

30 04 2011

Please check out new spring IDOM lovely dresses at the wonderful boutique Covet via downtown Portland.  You can also take a peak at what Athena has in her shop from her online store as well.  Many thanks to Athena and Covet for having our pieces in your lovely boutique!

Beautiful Sahara dresses from s/s 11.  You can purchase online from Covet here.

Elegant Phuket dress made from 100% hand loomed cotton.  Perfect stable for your spring and summer wardrobe.  You can view the dress online here.

All of IDOM pieces are made with our amazing contractors and textile makers in Thailand.  We believe in fair labour and pay our fantastic team with US living wage.  You can have beautiful dresses and feel good that you are supporting many incredible artisans and their families.

If you live in Portland.  You can also visit Athena at Covet, 429 sw 10th Ave, Portland, OR 97205.  Thanks very much again to Covet.

We also have new stunning pieces at our shop.  Our incredible Katherine can help you find the most perfect piece for you.  Swing by and say hello.  Wishing you a lovely weekend.



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