Friday Inspiration

8 07 2011

I’m hard at work trying to get all the samples finish for S/S 12.  I have been listening to Wild Horses written by  The Rolling Stones, but I am addicted to the Sundays version.  Also All The Tired Horses by of course Bob Dylan and Horses In My Dreams by PJ Harvey.  I’m not sure of what possessing me to listen to these songs over and over while designing the next collection.  Perhaps remembering my childhood with grandpa and his beautiful Thai horses.  Or the trip with my sweet friend K riding horses on the beach.  Whatever it maybe…  The collection is coming along nicely.

Beautiful inspiration images shot by Ditte Isager titled “The Horse Riders Journal.”

The horses and these gorgeous images are so magical.  I’m inspired to keep sewing.

All photos courtesy of Ditte Isager.

Please visit us this weekend.  Today, Saturday and Sunday is a side walk sale on NW 23rd.  Lots of treasures to be found.  See you soon.

P.S.  Our IDOM website and emails are down.  We are changing the server and fixing the site yet again.  Hopefully the 6th time is a charm.  I’m hoping that we will finally have a working website.  Fingers crossed…  In the mean time give us a ring if you trying to reach us + 1 477 6818.  Enjoy your weekend everyone.




2 responses

8 07 2011

Beautiful images! Can’t wait to see how they translate into your pieces, always such a treat to watch the progress. xo

21 10 2011
Nanette Davis

I absolutely love horses and these pictures really caught my eye and I want to get back on a horse very soon. thanks

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