Weekend Inspiration

17 07 2011

One of my friend asked me of what I have been collecting since I was a kid.  We have this theory that whatever you are passionate as a child.  You probably are still passionate about it as a grown up.  Perhaps you may forgot about it since adulthood can be overwhelming and stressful.  Mind was always reading about far far away places, tearing out images from National Geographic, World of Interior, and any home and traveling magazines.  I also have endless amount of sketch books, comics, Japanese animation toys, food recipes and boxes full of hand weaved fabric.  Things haven’t changed much over the years.  I’m still eager to travel, to draw, to read, and  to make things.  Here is another next destination that is calling out my name, Portugal.  What are you passion?  Are you still dreaming of things that you would like to do when you were a kid?

This beautiful home is in Palmela, which is not too far from Lisbon.  The charming holiday home belongs to interior designer Monica Penaguião.

I love of how she combines modern furniture with rustic architecture.

I think we could use some blue and some sunshine today in Portland.  Hang in there with the rain everyone.  The sun will come back soon enough.  Thought these pics would cheer you up.  Images via Nuevo Estilo.

Swing by and visit our beautiful Evangelina today.  New stunning Melissa shoes in the shop now.  Promise some pics soon.  Enjoy your Sunday.




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