The Melissa Campana Costela de Adão

19 07 2011

We admired a company such as Melissa for their innovation, collaboration with all sorts of designers and architects and for their sustainable practices.  Here is another style of new beauties that just arrived in the shop.

Designed in partnership with the Campana brothers, the Melissa Costela de Adão shoe line takes it inspiration from the uniquely shaped leaves of the Costela de Adão plant.  The leaves on this slip-on actually hug your feet!  All Melissa shoes are crafted in Brazil of natural and sustainable rubber.  They are extremely comfortable, mold to your feet after just a few wears, are totally waterproof, and can be easily cleaned with soap and water.  I have worn my other pairs at the beach and in the ocean water in Thailand.  They still look fantastic.

Costela de Adão plant.

Campana Brothers are furniture designers from Brazil (Humberto Campana, b. 1953 and Fernando Campana, b. 1961).  In 1983, The two brothers teamed up to develop furniture made by ordinary material – including waste products such as cardboard, rope, fabric and wood scraps, plastic tubes, aluminum wire.  The originality of their artistic work caused controversy and brought massive critical attention, via Wikipedia.

Yes I do have this pair too.  They are dreamy.  Thank you E for bringing us new amazing shoes!  These lovelies are waterproof since they are plastic.  Perfect for this monsoon season like today in Portland.  Thanks V for the pics.  Hope to see you soon.




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12 08 2011
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Campana Costela…

[…] et after just a few wears, are totally waterproof, and can be easily cleaned wit […]…

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