Weekend Inspiration

3 09 2011

When I went to school in London some of my dearest friends were from South Africa.  For years I have been wanting to visit the country and their friendly faces.  I have also been dreaming of going to Kruger National Park for such a long time.  And unfortunately, discovering the Singita Lebombo Lodge hasn’t made the yearning any easier. The 15 suites are set into a clifftop overlooking the Nwanetsi river and the main lodge is located to take full advantage of the sweeping views of the Lebombo mountains and surrounding bush. The eastern Lebombo mountain range also boasts the highest concentration of wildlife in the entire park!  My air miles are burning in my pocket.  I think this might be a perfect place to use up the treasured miles.

Stop by and say hello to Evangelina soon.  There are so many new dresses in the shop.

Wishing you lovelies a brilliant weekend.




2 responses

3 09 2011

Wow! This place looks amazing! You have very stylish photos in your blog!

5 09 2011

Hey this was too cool. Had to tweet your blog. I think going here would be very inspiring…

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