Behind The Scenes S/S12 Part 1

6 09 2011

We had our photo shoot adventure last month at Cannon Beach.  The logistic of everyone being at the beach plus renting the horse and the pony were at time overwhelming.  But, I think the result should be amazing.  Many thanks to our incredible crew Elizabeth, Katie, Lori, Caitlin, Velia, Katherine and Sunny.

Elizabeth and her equipments.

Our girls are hard at work.  Katherine to the left and Sunny to the right.

IDOM babies are on holiday at the beach.

Our lovely and talented makeup and hair stylist Lori.

Our partner in crime, Katie.  She is an exquisite stylist and an incredible prop master.  Hard at work making our tee pee on the beach.

Lori works her magic on Katherine.  I adore the hair and the flowers.

Beautiful Sunny.

Our lovely photographer, Elizabeth.  We have been collaborating together for the last 4 years.  Thanks Elizabeth for your hard work.  And for always making our dreams come true.

We are so lucky to have Velia and Caitlin on set.  They are so devoted to our little label.  Here is beautiful Velia making more flowers.  Thanks V and C for playing with us. Sorry Caitlin I can’t find any pics of you.  I think our busy bee Caitlin was taking behind the scenes photos, getting our lunch, and carrying the flash kit.  Thank you so much you two!

The giant poppies that B and I made.  They made it to the beach.

Our tee pee made by Katie, Caitlin and Velia.  It is so brilliant.

Thanks very much again to our wonderful crew for your collaboration.  More pics soon.  Enjoy your Tuesday everyone.




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6 09 2011

I can’t wait to see more!

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