The Goddesses

7 09 2011

Sarah Keefe from Planned Parenthood sent us two beautiful pics from the show.  As she puts it so well the IDOM girls are the Goddesses.  We are lucky to have so many beauties on the stage.  We love working with Sarah Schroeder and Iris Dyrhaug.  They were in several of our lookbooks.  It was such a fun reunion to visit with the girls again.  Of course we were thrilled to have our business partner/photographer/, Evangelina Owens to represent us on the stage.  It is truly a family affair.  Evangelina’s sister in law Cory Owens was also very kind to accept our invite to model one of the dresses.  She and her husband Josh are one of the biggest supporters of the label.  If you were at the show you might have seen Josh, Miles (Evangelina’s husband), and Caitlin selling pieces by our IDOM rack at the show.  It is such a labour of love from everyone involved with this little label that could.  Thanks very much for believing in this dream as much as I do.

Sarah Schroeder and IDOM A/W 11 cocktail dress and coat.  Photo sent by Sarah Keefe.

Cory Owens

Evangelina Owens

Photos of Cory and Evangelina taken by Miles Johnson.

Iris Dyrhaug

Photo sent by Sarah Keefe.

Some of the new A/W11 dresses are in the shop now.  Please stop by and say hello.  Have a great Wednesday everyone.




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