One of a Kind

26 09 2011

Some of the new lovelies for A/W11 are one of a kind pieces.  They are either too time consuming and too costly to reproduce in a full size run. I always want to put everything into production.  But, it usually takes my mother to remind me to figure out the math first.  She definitely keeps me grounded and most often than not ask me to look at business reality.  So it takes me sitting down and figuring out all the time and effort that I spend on the first piece.  Then knowing our customers base that most of them live away outside of Portland.  Should I really do the whole size run?  It is a brutal truth that most of the beauties won’t be bought by anyone here except few of our royal customers.  Which sometime we ask them “could we please clone 10 of you.?”  Also one of a kind pieces allow me to experiment with construction technique and design creativity.  Plus they keep me sane as a designer to do something more unconventional.  Knowing fully well that they may not be pick up by someone.  This is my logic behind one of a kind beauty.

I’m at the shop all day today.  Hope to see you soon.  Swing by and try on one of a kind dresses.  They will make you happy on this gray rainy day.  Enjoy your Monday everyone.




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