New Jewels from Brehan Todd!

28 09 2011

We are so excited for new jewelry designed and made by Brehan Todd.  They are charming and beautiful.  Plus Brehan is such a pleasure to work with.  We love her.

Brehan Todd Sustainable Jewelry and accessories was founded in Portland Oregon, in 2009. Todd studied fashion design at prestigious Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City.  The company officially introduced itself to the market, with a line of one of a kind, handmade jewelry, made from vintage materials. Brehan Todd now designs a small run boutique line, as well as a high end luxury line sold exclusively on This burgeoning niche of art is based on a philosophy of creating sophisticated design while maintaining dedication to the environment and keeping life as a priority. As a designer, her mission is to live and work creatively, and sustainably.  By using natural, reclaimed and vintage materials, she is able to create high quality, contemporary, wearable art, with little need for the earth’s finite resources.

All images courtesy of Brehan Todd.

Swing by the shop and take a look at new gorgeous pieces.  You will fall in love with her work.  Ta, ta for now.




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