5 10 2011

Thinking of home and all the people.   It is Thailand’s worst monsoon floods in decades have killed 224 people and affected three quarters of the country.  Authorities were meanwhile battling to stop the floods reaching the centre of low-lying Bangkok, as forecasters warned of more wild weather to come.  Two months of flooding have inundated 58 of 77 provinces -with 25 still severely affected -and damaged the homes and livelihoods of millions of people.

Photos via  AP/Sakchai Lalit

Last week the government announced the deployment of about 10,000 soldiers, backed by 500 military vehicles and more than 100 boats, to help victims.  Army bases will also take in evacuees.  In total about 14.8 million acres of land have been inundated around the country.

My mother’s childhood home is also in middle of the flood.  We are trying to come to term that we probably will loose the house.  At least our friends and family is doing okay and hanging in there.

Also thinking of our neighbors Vietnam, Cambodia, and India during this awful flood.  To read more check out BBC here.




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