Content Part 2

18 10 2011

My prior life as a window dresser has always play a big role in my process of designing.  I often think about how the clothes will tell a story.  How the pieces will live in the world.  Eventually I would integrate the inspiration into the concept of editorial shoot for our lookbook, to the window and to the interior of the shop space.  Installation has always been my first love.  It is a chance for the environment and the clothes to live side by side and to interact with each other.  Also it allows the garments to have some breathing room and for the audience to take their own time to view the pieces.  It is also a way for me to give the garments the respect that they deserved.

I wanted our room to feel as if you step into a museum exhibition.  I was lucky enough to be able to study in London, New York, and Paris and often visited Japan yearly.  I was exposed to so many amazing museums, art exhibitions and fashion exhibitions.  Some of my favourites are Victoria and Albert Museum via London, The Kyoto Costume Institute, and Costume Institute at Metropolitan Museum of Art.  Again I wanted the clothes to speak for themselves.

Photos of our Spring/Summer 2012 collection were place on the other side of the room.  Reminded us of a small gallery environment.  Photos shot by Elizabeth Russell and styled by Katie Barton and yours truly.  Collaborated with Lori Fale, Velia Salinas and Caitlin McCloskey.  Miles and Evangelina printed the photos and beautifully hung them on the wall.

Photos shot by Caitlin McCloskey.

Thanks very much to our wonderful team and to the Ace Hotel for hosting the show.




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22 10 2011

This is so lovely Modi! I love the soft colors and the grey makes everything pop!

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