Beads Please!

19 10 2011

New beautiful beaded necklaces from Nigeria, Kenya, and Ivory Coast.  They are stunning.  I can’t get enough of them.

Thanks very much to everyone that came out last weekend to support us on raising money for flood victims in Thailand.  I’m still hoping to raise more donation this week and including this weekend for my beloved country.  I’m sorry to report that things are not improving.  The flood is now in the outskirt of Bangkok.  It is heading toward the city.  Over 50 provinces are under the water.  The flood had killed more than 300 people at this point.  There is so much suffering around the globe.  Sometime all of us feel helpless.  The best we could do is to help in anyway that we can.  The act of reaching out and helping is what matters.  Also being happy in your own life is much more productive and helpful to the rest of the world.  Kindness, peace, and happiness is the key to sharing the hope.  Sending Thailand love and light.

Wishing you a lovely Wednesday.  Hope to see you soon.




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