Thinking of Home

2 11 2011

It is heart wrenching to try to find news on Thailand floods.  There isn’t much media coverage here in the states.  People barely knew of what I’m talking about.  One third of the country has been under water for the last 3 months.  My mother has lost her childhood home and my parents’ work in Bangkok is also flooded.  I just want to share with you some images of the crisis in Thailand.  My heart is broken.

Englada, the daughter of Thawatcha Busabim, is carried by a relative during Thawatcha’s funeral procession at the Wat Preak Prachkor temple in Pathum Thani province, a suburb of Bangkok. Thawatcha, 30, was electrocuted when he tried to use an electric appliance at his flooded home in Pathum Thani.  (Reuters/Damir Sagolj)

A cat drinks from a walkway in a flooded neighborhood in central Bangkok.  (Reuters/Damir Sagolj)

People paddle toward food dropped by a Thai army helicopter to their village isolated by floods in Ayutthaya province near Bangkok. (Reuters/Athit Perawongmetha)

People row their belongings through floodwaters during an evacuation from a garbage-strewn flooded market in Bangkok. (Reuters/Sukree Sukplang)

Floodwaters stretch to the horizon on the outskirts of Bangkok, Thailand. (Paula Bronstein /Getty Images)

A woman hangs onto a street sign in chest deep water along the flooded streets in Rangsit on the outskirts of Bangkok.  (Paula Bronstein/Getty Images)

A family floats back to their house on a handmade raft in Klong Luang on the outskirts of Bangkok.  (Daniel Berehulak /Getty Images)

This is the university of where my parents are teaching.  It is now flooded.

The campus has turned into a shelter for flood victims.

You could still help your Thai neighbors by donating to Thai Red Cross here.  Much of clean water and food is still needed.  We lost 381 people at this point.  Please help make a difference.




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