Tunics Please

12 12 2011

I love designing over sized one of a kind tunics made from hand loomed cotton from northern Thailand.  The reason behind one of a kind is due to the fact that the fabric in each print is limited.  The textile artisans would only weave small quantity of each print.  It makes these beauties a complete treasure.  The tunics also allow me to be more creative since they are one offs.  They also satisfied my obsession for anything asymmetrical and architectural inspired.   It is my homage of remembering the way that I first failed in love with fashion.  I have always adored my mother’s over-sized caftans and dresses and of course my childhood trips to Japan made a big impression on me.  It is my way of bringing my memories to the present time, to try to keep my Thai root alive and to enjoy the pieces in everyday living.

White hand-loomed over sized tunic with IDOM jeans.

Printed blouse with IDOM jeans and sea urchin ring.

Ikat printed blouse with necklace from Kenya.

Purple ikat hand loomed blouse with IDOM jeans rolled up.  Beautiful backpack from Miss Lonely hearts via NYC.

Again most everything in the shop is 30% off this week.  If you see anything that you like from our blog.  You could always email us, modi@idomdesigns.com or ring the shop +1 503 477 6818.  Wishing you a lovely Monday.




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