Bye Bye Furniture

14 12 2011

I’m hoping that I could find a loving home for our IDOM furniture babies.  Many of the pieces are either custom made or antique pieces which we refurbished.  The prices are non negotiable.  They are sentimental to B and I and if we can’t sale them.  We will keep them in our little garage.  Okay deep breaths…  Here they are…

I adore the shape of the wood.  The coffee table is made from found oak piece via Sauvie Island.  We had it custom made for the shop for $1,200.  We are hoping for $600.  Length 94″, width 29″, and Height 17.5″

B and I found the antique Japanese screen doors and thought they would be perfect for dressing rooms.  We attached the 2 screens together for one wall.  They have been sanded down and repainted by us.  We are hoping for $90 per screen.  The screen length is 70″, width for one screen is 36.5″.  They are attached for the moment, the width for 2 screens is 73″.

Metal glass box for jewelry $80.

Sweet antique Chinese stool $162.

More pics tomorrow of IDOM treasures.  Please stop by and say hello soon.




One response

15 12 2011
Rachel H (@racheljoon)

lovely pieces. I so wish I had room for that table — our house is only 364 square feet! 🙂

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