18 12 2011

We are grieving the loss of our little shop.  Please be gentle and kind to us.  It has been rough trying to stay optimistic when the public is so thoughtless and cruel.  I’m not sure of how to communicate the feeling of sadness and frustration to the people that walk into the space only looking for “deals” and “bargains.”  Words that you choose to use and your behaviour do affect our feelings.  This has been our dreams and hopes for so long.  It is like loosing your baby and your family member.  We are grateful that we have a wonderful community of people who loves little IDOM as much as we do.   Thank you to all of our friends, family and loyal customers for supporting us.  We truly appreciated your kindness.  I have no more tears left in me.  My heart is broken.  I just have to keep reminding myself to breath and try to be optimistic.

Thanks very much again for your endless love and support.




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19 12 2011

Know that when one door closes another will open. Modi you are capable of spreading greatness and beauty to everyone you come in contact with. Know those are the people that will carry you threw this transition and threw the next door. We will be watching and sending you many blessings and peace of heart.

19 12 2011

thank you so much, jenni for your kind words. it means so much to all of us at idom. thank you.

19 12 2011

My heart hurts for you! I know the feeling. Closing a shop and dealing with untactful bargain hunters is so, so hard. I’ve cried those same tears.Keep your chin up. It will fade. Sending you warm thoughts!

19 12 2011

you have been such a great friend. thank you for all of your wisdom. time will heal all wounds right? it is so nice to know that someone know exactly how hard it is and how painful it is to go through this transition in public. thank you again for your love.

19 12 2011

Sending good thoughts of Love and Grace to you.

19 12 2011

thank you so much, beka. you are wonderful.

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