26 12 2011

Hope all of you lovelies had a wonderful holiday with your friends and family.  B, Stares and I had a nice quiet day knowing that the madness of shutting down our sweet little shop will begin soon.  Thankfully Evangelina saved the day.  B and I were taking down Japanese panels of our dressing room.  They are going to my lovely friend Stephanie.  The shop hasn’t been opened yet but we had to let in few people that were waiting.  Let’s just say it was a nutty morning.  Thanks E for dealing with the craziness.  It makes us sad, but hopeful not to be dealing with the public that sometime could be cruel and difficult.  All that I wish for this holidays was for some ease in my life and for our little IDOM family to be happy.  Oh, yes and less worry and anxiety would be delightful.  Did you guys get of what you wanted?

I love this graphic, found via lottaagaton.

Please swing by and say hello to Rebecca today.  All the clothes are 75% off, the jewels and the shoes are 50% off.  Please be thoughtful and gentle to us for the remaining of our shop days.  We would appreciated if you could please try not to negotiate the prices that are already on sale.  It is very painful for us to say no to you.  Wishing you a sweet Monday.




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