6 01 2012

Yesterday was a surreal kind of day…  Starting with E walking into the shop with 30 gallons of water flooding down our walls from the ceiling.  Mind you they were very hot water.  If E wasn’t there at that moment.  We would have lost everything that we just packed.  Luckily M got to the shop in time to run upstairs and found the source of this curious event.  A plumber was draining water heater to an assume working drain.  Only it was in our shop instead of the drain.  E+M fought the battle and got everything sorted out and cleaned up.  I arrived with mobs in hands and expected the worst.  The plumber kept saying how surprised he was with E+M for trying to fix the problem so quickly.  Most people would have just watched the whole thing and waited for someone else to help them. I found this quote from D.H. Lawrence on dreamers.  I think it is appropriate to say that we at IDOM are day dreamers who managed to make our dreams come true.

As we are packing and leaving the space.  We find comfort that we jumped and realised our dreams.  Much of the obstacles , the challenges, and the heartache made us evolved as better people.  Thank you E+M for being on this adventure with little IDOM.  Thank you to Katie, Susan, and Brad for being our rocks for this last week of transition.  Many thanks to our friends and family for the lovely messages and for the support you had given us for the last four and a half years.  Ta, ta for now.




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