So Long

7 01 2012

Today is it.  We pretty much moved out.  The walls have been retouched, canceled all of our utilities, cleaned the space, and saying goodbye to our little shop.  We also said farewell to our loveliest postman and to the wonderful family who made us yummy burritos and tamales.   Happy to report that yesterday was filled with much ease.  The movers were very sweet and helpful. They were able to move the heaviest counter on to the 2nd level for the new studio.  Thank you to Evangelina and Miles for taking the whole week off from work to support the little IDOM until the end.  Thank you to Katie, Susan, and Brad for showing up every night to help us out.  My dearest friends could tell you.  I’m horrible at asking for help.  You will just have to force the help on me.  Thank you guys for surprising me with your endless hours of packing, cleaning, taking down everything and bringing us delicious food.  Without you I would be so lost.  I’m so touched by your love and your friendships.  So long everyone.  Thank you for everything.

Goodbye our delightful little shop.

Wishing everyone a brilliant weekend.  Ta, ta.




2 responses

7 01 2012
Eden Dawn

The end of one era…. and the beginning of a next.

I am sad for this ending, but excited for your next move.

Best wishes Modi!

-Eden Dawn

8 01 2012

hi eden,
thanks very much for your best wishes. truly appreciated your kind words.
thank you.

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