Love At First Sight

11 01 2012

I adore this Amsterdam apartment.  It is lovely and light.  Of course I’m a big fan of combining ultra modern white space with global inspired influence along with interesting texture of prints and popped of  vibrant colours.

Found via 79 ideas.

I especially love the gorgeous kitchen with the raw cupboards against the white surfaces.  Also intrigued by all the lovely fun details through out the apartment.  This exquisite interior is motivating me to get my sweet studio up and running.  My friend Miles said “I thought you were going to take one week sabbatical from the closing of the shop and all the madness that we just endured.”  All I could say is “have you met me?”  I’m a girl who can’t stay still for too long.  Off to do more painting in my new cocoon.  Ta, ta for now.




One response

12 01 2012
Rachel H (@racheljoon)

Great find! I love it too. Have you seen this tiny hunting-cabin-turned retreat? If you like this look, you might enjoy this as well, the same white-everywhere principle applies.

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