New Sanctuary

1 03 2012

This space has been purely a labour of love.  It has been difficult trying to get up and find inspiration to sort out of my life and put the studio together.  I felt as if I couldn’t breath for the longest time after we decided to close the shop.  I never really expected to fall into the deepest of this darkness.  I didn’t feel like myself and was loosing the sense of hope.  It takes tremendous amount of effort to get up in the morning and to put the love into the space and into the label.  I finally have to say to myself to get up and fight the battle and to make my own luck.  The studio feels like a peaceful nurturing cocoon.  I can’t wait to share my new sanctuary with you.  I hope you could come by tomorrow, Saturday and Sunday to check out my new studio/showroom space.  Many thanks to all of my dear friends and family for giving me the love and support.

It took me almost 3 months to unpack and put the space together.

Special thanks to Caitlin and Brad for helping me find my new safe creative peaceful cocoon.

Hope to see you lovelies this weekend.

xoxo, modi




2 responses

2 03 2012

Modi! I wish I could visit your new space this weekend. I hope you have lots of love from visitors – know my thoughts are with you. And I haven’t forgotten about my offer of wine one of these days…

2 03 2012

thank you so much susan! looking forward to catch up with you soon.

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