New Pieces

19 03 2012

We had fun shooting new pieces for our online website.  My sweet friend Sally introduced us to wonderful Ann Ploeger.  She was really kind to teach us how to shoot our pics for the website.  Ann is an amazing and a talented photographer.  We are really inspired by her work.  You can check out her beautiful images here.  We are delighted for Iris to return as our IDOM girl.  She is always such a pleasure to work with.  Of course my partner in crime Caitlin was brilliant.  Can’t do any of this without her.

One of a kind dress.  Available at studio now and online soon.

New Saint James shirt made in France.

Another sweet Saint James shirt paired with IDOM denim simple skirt.

Please ring us for an appointment to visit our showroom, +1 503 477 6818 or you could email me,  If you are far and away.  Please let us know which pieces you would like to order.  We are happy to ship these beauties to you.  Promise that our website will launch soon.

Thanks very much to Maura and Nic for visiting us on Saturday and for bringing me tea.  Maura looked stunning in her new lavender dress.  Wishing all of you a happy Monday.




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