Lovely Detail

27 09 2012

I chopped off my hair last January and donated it to Cancer Society.  It was one of the most freeing experience.  I was so attached to my long hair.  After we closed the 23rd street shop.  I decided to physically let go of this attachment.  I am so happy with my shorter do now.  Less work and I feel a lot lighter.  I came across this image of sweet hair detail via Rodarte A/W 2012 Ready to Wear.  I might have to do something similar to my short hair.  It is lovely.

Found via If I Had.




2 responses

27 09 2012

modi, I didn’t know you cut your hair. you are so generous and awesome! i thought about doing the same but I’ve dyed my hair and they won’t take it.

28 09 2012

thank you so much. it was a perfect cause that is dear to my heart. i wish they would have taken your hair. maybe next time. you are so thoughtful.
hope you are well. m

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